The Clippers beat the Kings 121-115 on the road

Clippers three-game winning streak. Luis Williams scored 30 points and six assists, Blake – Griffin cameback, scored 18 points, 12 rebounds and 6 assists, Milos – Teodosic also comeback, 10 points and 9 times Assists. De Andre – Jordan injured early leave, only played 11 minutes, had 8 points and 7 rebounds. Monterrey – Harel 25 points 6 rebounds off the bench, Wesley – Johnson 13 points.

King three-game losing streak, continue to bottom in the west. George – Hill scored 21 points, Zach – Randolph 16 points and seven rebounds, Cowley – Stan 12 points and seven rebounds. Bogdan – Bogdanovic off the bench 22 points, Costa – Fu Cou 14 points and 14 rebounds, Buddy – Hild 14 points. Clippers fight back to back, in the game yesterday, Levy cut his career-high 50 points, the defending champion Warriors pulled down. Clippers high morale, not to mention today ushered in Griffin and Teodosic. After the opening, in the first 66 seconds, Lu Wei hit third on both occasions, Griffin hit third, the Clippers to 11-2 start. The king played in the game only 3 minutes after the battlefield scoring, the gap between the two sides once reached double digits. The king scored five points to end this section, Fu Fu Fu midfielder bump, the king 21-29 behind. The second section of the two teams fierce attack, which for just experienced a brave Christians Clippers embrace. They bloom inside and outside, Wallace hit third, Harrell relay dunks the air, the Clippers opened the gap 46-32. The king also several times to three points, quickly narrowing the gap. This section still 1 minute 44 seconds, Cowell – Stan shot, the king only 58-61 behind. However, Williams then hit three-thirds twice since then, of which one is “playing 4 points,” Clippers won 43 points to 72-60 to end the first half.
Clippers hit the first half as high as 59.1%, 3-of-16 shooting 7, Wayne 6-pointers three-pointers, scored 21 points, substitute appearances Hallel 16 points, Griffin 9 points, Jordan 8 points.

Kings also hit 53.8%, Hild 12 points off the bench, Bogdovanovic 10 points, but the two were back 3 times and 4 fouls. Jordan sprained ankle, the second half lack of war. He is the only player on the Clippers this season, and even he was injured, the Clippers are really toxic. Kings continue to narrow the gap, more than half of the third quarter, they dunk in two consecutive air relay, scored 6 points, only 83-85 behind. The Clippers also have to rely on Williams, he succeeded twice, including a record one-third, the Clippers also 7-0, to stay ahead. Johnson hit the buzzer one-third, the Clippers score hundred, to 100-89 into the final section.
Clippers suddenly plunged into scoring in the fourth quarter, after they 106-92 lead, the next six minutes only hit a ball, the king played 17-2 attack wave, in the game with 4 minutes and 14 seconds to 109-108 exceeded. This is the king’s first time leading the audience, but not long before, Teodosic hit a vote, the two sides began to alternate lead.
When the game is still 1 minute, the king only 114-115 behind. Williams won the crucial moment in the vote. After the king lost a ball, Wallace steals the dunk in the game with 10.9 seconds, the Clippers to 119-115 stabilize. After the king shot is not successful, a loss.source: